When Life Gets You

Chelle. 20. Married. (04.20.14)
I live in a seriously small town in very southern Ohio, literally, cross a bridge and hit KY/WV
I also became a mommy to a wonderful boy on October 28th, 2013.
I'm currently taking classes for a CDA certificate.
This blog is just things of my own personal preference, nothing specific.
Mostly cats, my son and food porn. (WARNING, BLOG SOMETIMES NSFW)
Feel free to follow my recipe blog // OpplesandBononoz
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Day 7: Let It All Out by Relient K 
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I’m thinking about becoming a surrogate. Just once, just because I want to be pregnant so badly right now, but I know I’m not ready for another child at all. And it would be really nice to help out a family who feels incomplete. Hmm. I’ll have to talk to Josh when I get home. 

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Waiting for Benjamin to wake up, then I’m going to take him outside for some pool time. <3 Have to slather on that sunscreen really good though, it’s over 90 out. 

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Archer does this too! He loves red solos

That water bottle was the only thing keeping him happy last night. Otherwise he would just cry and cry. Children and toys that aren’t toys right?

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Here is my tip to you.

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Reason why I hate cats. They’re so scary.

  #Reasons why I haies #they do mes the pet


All the fucking time. People have their pets euthay did something to their kid who fuem or pulled on their tail or got in their fathing. Here’s a better idea: WACKING KID WHEN THEY’RE AROUND Aanks.

^^boldedBut this? Well, tarn, isn’t it?they do bet bad shit happenack.I’ll bet that littln’t touch the n right?
and OP is a fuckiing to blame the ending itself when the kid SMACKET IN THE HEAD.
ThURTS for a little cat. I’d lack too.

is this supposed to be readable or am i missing something

Did I just switch channels or something what language is this

Oh thank god it’s not just me

*sobbing* what the fuck is happening

“Idk dude marriage is not rocket science. You ask yourself “is that a dick move?” If the answer is yes, don’t do it to your spouse.”

Me, to my cousin’s idiot husband. (via miss-apple-pie)

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Last one. Bye.
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You are stunning! So jealous

Don’t be jealous, trust me. It’s angles, makeup, filters, and took at least 25 pictures to get just that one. Haha! But thank you. <3

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